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With our stepless and automatic shifting products incorporating the revolutionary NuVinci® technology, we elevate your riding experience and make it simpler, more fun, safer, and healthier.

Riding a bike with enviolo’s stepless or automatic shifting solution means concentrating less on changing gears and more on what’s important, for example: traffic, road hazards, passengers, or enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

During the Suntrip 2015, I was the only competitor equipped with Fallbrook technology « N360 ».

The continuously variable transmission made it possible to always have the ideal pedalling frequency and the brushless motor, the ideal rotational speed to ensure peak performance.

I can say that the continuously variable transmission « Nuvinci » is very strong and extremely reliable.

This component has been a determining factor in my success in this Suntrip 2015 : 7000 km in 25 days.

Our new challenge for TheSuntrip 2018 : father and son adventure on a solar tandem trike « TwinDragonFly » entirely design by ourselves.

We would like to thank enviolo company for is valuable partnership. They provide us N380se hubs, freewheels, controllers and one-turn interfaces for our « TwinDragonfly ».

The enviolo sportive groupset hub (Ratio range 380%) will ensure the engine works in the most efficient range around the rated frequency. During all the trip, the motor frequency is between 250 rpm to 300 rpm for a speed between 8 km/h to 45 km/h.

An original design of the entire powertrain to increase the maximum transmissible continous torque above 50%.

(see picture enclosure).

GAlerie Suntrip 2015 "dragonfly" equiped N360

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